Hooray I’ve finished something!  Here is a picture of a hot pad that I’ve made for a Secret Santa at work.  Should work out well, since I work with horses and the other ladies I work with will appreciate the western/cowboy feel because that’s the style that I ride.

There will be lots more projects similar to this one, including some Christmas ornaments in the same style.  However, I’m trying to keep some of my Christmas crafts a surprise for the day, so I’ll be putting off posting those pictures for a few weeks.


Quilted Dice Bags II

 The second installment of my 3″x3″ style drawstring dicebag that I quilted for a friend.  It has the same pattern on both sides.

Fall Quilts

As you may already have been able to tell, I’m horrible at starting projects without finishing others.  I can’t help it, I just get excited and carried away.  I have many more projects that I have planned to start, with no obvious clear end to the ones that are half-finished.  I should get on myself for this, as it is clearly a procrastination problem, especially with Christmas looming and it’d be nice to clear my table of ongoing work.  In the meantime, here’s a preview of some more of my recent quilts.

My mom made my sisters and I quilts when we were born.  I’ll probably take some pictures of the vintage quilts and post them later.  My quilt and my little sister’s quilt have stood up to wear and tear but my middle sister’s has not been so lucky.  It is in need of some repair and remaking.  I’ve already spent many hours attacking it with a seam ripper, and iron and some Woolite.  Sadly, one fabric entirely disintegrated but I’ve managed to find a lovely substitute.  I’ve decided to cut the cubes into smaller blocks and keep the diagonal pattern.

I have also mentioned that my little sister has graduated university and is moving away and starting the next big chapter of her life in a new city with her long time boyfriend.  I’ve started her graduation/going away/birthday gift that she and I picked out fabric for at Fabricland.  I should be finished this one this week (I have to; she’s leaving next weekend, yikes!).

Ikea baking tools

Badass animal Ikea baking tools;

Hopefully I’ll be making some cookies soon.  These seem like they’d make really fun Christmas cookies, maybe gingerbread or shortbread with festively coloured sprinkles.  I promise I’ll take pictures. 🙂

Blanket Project 2: Ponies

As soon as I saw this fleece I knew I had to grab it.  It’s blue, gray and best of all has ponies.   It also demonstrates a second way of finishing a fleece blanket: the straight stitch.

I started trying to stitch this blanket by hand, but I quickly learned that the stretchy properties of this pony fleece works far better with a nice uniform, tight machine stitch.  I curled the edges once, and then twice on themselves, so that the cut edge of the blanket is hidden and tucked under itself.  Then I pinned and stitched with white thread along the inner edge and finished with the outer edge and it looks great.

It adorns our matching blue loveseat, and matches nicely with the yellow painted walls and cream pillows.

Floral quilt

Pretty floral fabric that I found with my sister on the way up to the cottage at a WalMart. Scraps and fat quaters from Fabricland.

At first, I had done some nice little parallel triangles, but the pattern was too geometric and didn’t really compliment the delicate little flower patterns on the fabric.  So I found this nice green trees and added them as a border.  I changed the patterns to pinwheels.  I’m calling this my Enchanted Forest quilt.  So I pulled out all the hand stitched lines I’d done (ouch) and retrofitted the triangles to the shapes below.

I had originally made it as a graduation/birthday/moving away gift for my sister who is starting on the next big adventure in her life, but it turned into something else and isn’t quite her style.  Since I helped her on the John Deere quilt she knows a lot more about quilting and we’ll probably go out and pick something else for her.  Stay posted for that quilt, her birthday is on Thanksgiving so I don’t have a whole lot of time to work on it.  Hooray for my sewing machine!

John Deere Quilt

My most recent quilt was a little unusual; lots of greens, yellows and tractor patterns.  Here’s a few pictures of the work in progress.

This was the first quilt I’ve ever made using my new sewing machine!  Needless to say it was very exciting, I’m now fully comfortable filling the bobbin and changing thread.  I’m excited to be using different colours and stitches at lightning speed.  Hooray for crafting technology!  My quilt projects should be finished faster than ever, now.

The finished quilt was backed with bright green fleece and is the size of a lap blanket, 9″x9″ blocks are 5 panels across with a 1″ border, and 7 panels horizontally.  I made a matching tractor pillow using scraps from the fleece and some spare felt I had in my stash for the decorative bits.

This quilt is fairly special, since my little sister requested me to help her make it on relatively short notice for a made gift she needed for a family reunion swap with her boyfriend’s family.  I worked with her to come up with the concept and colour scheme.  I was going for a freshly mowed green to match the bright yellow and green of a John Deere tractor.  Fun times.