Fun in the Sun

As promised, I’ve been working on a few extraneous projects and finishing off some final details.  Here’s a little sneak peek of a sunny cross stitch baby blanket package I picked up on sale (60% off!) at Michael’s.

    It turned out to be way bigger than I expected, but it’s super cute so I’d like to finish it right away.  It has taken a long time to come to near completion and since before the move has been patiently awaiting it’s final stitches.  I’ll probably dig through my fleece stash to see if I can find an appropriately coloured backing for it and (at my mom’s suggestion) will probably have to pick up some satiny fabric for the trim.  Luckily for me, once this is finished I’ll have a fantastic baby shower gift to give to one of my sisters or close friends should anyone get around to having kids.

The weather in Toronto has been foggy, rainy, and unseasonably muddy skattered with occasional bouts of snow that doesn’t seem to want to stick around.  In honour of spring, here’s a little sunshine.


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