January Resolutions

I’m getting back on the horse (as it were) and coming back with a plan.  My crafting resolutions for 2012 are as follows:

#1.)  Fabric Diet – I’ve been away from the blog mostly has due to my recent housing relocation; my live-in boyfriend and I have bought a house together.  We refer to each other as ‘spouses’ now; its icky but wonderful.  As such,  Fabric Diet is in the works; no purchases of any kind for the next several months until I finish all my planned projects for the year which brings me to…

#2.)  UFOs (UnFinished Objects) – I have quite a large number of started or conceived of projects.  Shopping trips that have included “oOo that fabric would be great for SOMETHING,” or “WOW that colour of floss is GORGEOUS” or even just items that were interrupted for in favour of another project that had a stricter deadline… I have several lists and at least one drawer-full of items that need love and time.

The only acceptable exceptions to these two rules would be if I needed to pick a crafty item up finish a project or anything I receive as gifts.  Luckily, my birthday is in May so that should give me a great six month booster.  I’ve already gotten a head start from these fabulous two new books I received for Christmas, shiny new Pinking shears and a wrapping paper slip cutter that I use as a thread slicer for my cross stitching.

#3.)  Learn More! – I’ve always wanted to delve more into the Fibric Arts.  Two years ago I took a knitting class, last summer I went to a quilting seminar and this year I’m planning to learn the basics of crochet.  I learned a lot, even from a little bit of time spent with someone else teaching me and it has made me more productive and tons more confident in my crafting abilities.

#4.) Host a Stitching Group – Now that we have a better space to have guests over in the new house, I’m planning to invade the living room with tons of artistic and crafty ladyfriends to help share their talents and teaching abilities with other like minded gals, myself included.  We will be sharing and discussing stitching, quilting, knitting and crocheting and helping each other learn some things we didn’t know the week before.

Wish me luck!  I’ll keep you posted

~ PaintedMare


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