John Deere Quilt

My most recent quilt was a little unusual; lots of greens, yellows and tractor patterns.  Here’s a few pictures of the work in progress.

This was the first quilt I’ve ever made using my new sewing machine!  Needless to say it was very exciting, I’m now fully comfortable filling the bobbin and changing thread.  I’m excited to be using different colours and stitches at lightning speed.  Hooray for crafting technology!  My quilt projects should be finished faster than ever, now.

The finished quilt was backed with bright green fleece and is the size of a lap blanket, 9″x9″ blocks are 5 panels across with a 1″ border, and 7 panels horizontally.  I made a matching tractor pillow using scraps from the fleece and some spare felt I had in my stash for the decorative bits.

This quilt is fairly special, since my little sister requested me to help her make it on relatively short notice for a made gift she needed for a family reunion swap with her boyfriend’s family.  I worked with her to come up with the concept and colour scheme.  I was going for a freshly mowed green to match the bright yellow and green of a John Deere tractor.  Fun times.


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