Floral quilt

Pretty floral fabric that I found with my sister on the way up to the cottage at a WalMart. Scraps and fat quaters from Fabricland.

At first, I had done some nice little parallel triangles, but the pattern was too geometric and didn’t really compliment the delicate little flower patterns on the fabric.  So I found this nice green trees and added them as a border.  I changed the patterns to pinwheels.  I’m calling this my Enchanted Forest quilt.  So I pulled out all the hand stitched lines I’d done (ouch) and retrofitted the triangles to the shapes below.

I had originally made it as a graduation/birthday/moving away gift for my sister who is starting on the next big adventure in her life, but it turned into something else and isn’t quite her style.  Since I helped her on the John Deere quilt she knows a lot more about quilting and we’ll probably go out and pick something else for her.  Stay posted for that quilt, her birthday is on Thanksgiving so I don’t have a whole lot of time to work on it.  Hooray for my sewing machine!


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