Octopus Plush

I made a fun little cat toy using the scraps from my tied fleece blanket to make an octopus. 

I’m quite pleased with it as a spontaneous sewing craft and it went over very well with my calico.   I’ll likely try it again sometime using pieces cut a little differently; theres a few anatomical issues I had sewing using just strips.  Fun times.

    Fleece is a great material for use with animals and kids.  It’s soft, durable and comes in a variety of patterns and designs.    I playtested it on my cat and she loved it, both as a dangling swatting toy and as a hugging kicking toy; it can be teased over your cat’s head or flung across the room.

    There is a sale on in two weeks at my local fabric store, I’m going to have to pick up some fleece and do some experimenting with different cephalopod body shapes!


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