Blanket Project 1: Gray Cat

My sister and I went to get some fabric yesterday so she can work on her first project.  It was discussed and decided that fleece would make the best medium for a first project, since it requires minimal stitching and can be finished in her spare time before next weekend.  I thought I’d show some fleece finishing styles that I’ve learned and share our projects here.

For my first project, I took an old piece of fleece we were using as a cat blanket at the end of our bed and added a bit more detail.  Using a ruler, I snipped 4″ into the fabric on the two long sides.  I didn’t want the decorative edging on the top, or bottom.  Next I tied a simple knot at the base of each strip.

Voila!  Simple and best of all, quick.  Fleece is great for using on quilts too, they make a great backing for instant warmpth and snuggliness.  I used black fleece as the reverse side to my cottage blanket.

On the couch, at the end of a bed or a simple gift.  More fleecy styles to come, and wait until you see what I did with the scraps I trimmed from the edges.


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