Cross Stitched Bookmarks

My first project post!

    I’m mostly interested in thread art; embroidery, quilting and cross stitching.  From the first time my cousin brough home little cross stitchable Christmas ornaments (mine was a tree) I’ve thought making little pictures with coloured string was fun.  I have, however, always known it was lame.  In an attempt to bring up to date this fun little hobby of mine, I’ve tried to do some projects and gifts for myself, friends and family that are more functional and modern. 

    Above are some fun bookmarks that I made for my Mom to keep at the cottage as decorations / to show off my artistic prowess to visitors / use as bookmarks.  They have black duct tape on the back to make them look nicer /smooth them out and prevent fraying.

    Recently I’ve journeyed into other fiber art medium such as knitting and crocheting.  I’ve learned some basics but still have a long way to go.  I can make basic rectangles so far.  Yay me!  Next step: blankets!  It’s like quilting, but with yarn!  I can make scarves.  That is all.

    I’ll have to track down some more pictures of recent projects that I’ve made, and some that are in the works.  Stay tuned.


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